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Consuelo González is an expert lip reader who has provided professional lip reading services for nearly 30 years to clients across the U.S. and around the world.

Consuelo lip-reads and transcribes video content in which the speakers are visible but inaudible, and she performs live lip-reading translation for people who are non-vocal so that they may be understood by others.

In the case of video transcription, she views a previously recorded video in which the people speaking can be seen but not heard (due to missing audio, for example), and creates a written transcript of what information is recoverable through lip reading.

In the case of live translation, Consuelo reads the lips of a person who is non-vocal (due to mechanical ventilation, tracheostomy, aphonia, acute laryngitis, or any other condition that inhibits his/her ability to "voice" intelligibly when speaking) and repeats their statements aloud, word-for-word, so that others can understand.

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Consuelo In the Media
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Selected clients:

Lip-reading clients include ABC News, CBS News, HBO, US Army, more...