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For a non-vocal person, lip reading translation is a precise, expedient, and reassuring means of short-term communication. Live Remote Translation services are available to all those who are non-vocal, regardless of geographical location.

How It Works
Remote translation currently requires the use of FaceTime or Skype and a strong WiFi signal. If the non-vocal person is a patient in the hospital, it also requires at least one family member or friend to be the point person who can be responsible for answering questions about the patient's condition and holding the camera (iPhone, iPad, or other device) focused on the patient during translation.

Appointments last 30 minutes (or less, depending on the stamina of the patient) and can sometimes be scheduled with less than 24 hours notice, depending on your location. Translating fees are paid electronically via my secure PayPal account.

Please contact me with information about your particular situation, any questions you may have regarding remote lip reading translation, or to begin the appointment-setting process.

What is the difference between "non-vocal" and "non-verbal?"

-Those who are non-verbal are unable to form words on the lips, whether due to paralysis (such as with Guillain-Barre Syndrome) or other neurological conditions (stroke, aphasia).

-Those who are non-vocal are able to form words, but there is no sound produced when they speak. This may be due to aphonia, tracheostomy, mechanical ventilation, vocal fold/cord damage (from laryngitis, nodes, throat cancer).

Effective communication is reciprocal in nature, and dependent on accurate feedback. If a person is unable to communicate clearly, whether with family, medical staff, attorneys, or others, it is likely that some of their needs are not being met, or that their rights are not being respected.

The ability to communicate one’s own thoughts or concerns (as opposed to merely responding to yes or no questions) is a basic cornerstone of mental and emotional health and self-determination.

» Helpful Hints for Communicating with Non-Vocal Patients (PDF)

What Clients Say...

"Thank you again Consuelo! You were so patient and kind with my brother, and we so appreciate you sharing your skills in this manner. It was clear how helpful he felt it was, to be given a voice through you!"
— DL, Palm Springs, CA

"You did a great job, and provided an invaluable service to our family at an important time!"
— KH, Phoenix, AZ

"It was such a relief to my brother-in-law to have a voice after several days of sheer frustration."
— MT, Davenport, IA