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Consuelo Gonzalez has been reading lips for over 45 years. As a "native" lipreader, Consuelo has utilized lip reading for all verbal interaction since the age of 4. She began learning about lip reading translation as a teenager, while accompanying her mother (also deaf and a translator) on hospice visits to patients who were non-vocal. In 1987 Consuelo began offering her skills professionally as a Lip Reading Translator in Seattle-area hospitals.

Since that time, Consuelo has become the go-to expert in her field, consulting and transcribing for law firms, universities, law enforcement agencies, government agencies, private investigation firms, sports analysts, computer animators, media companies, and private citizens from coast to coast, and for English-speaking clients overseas. With thousands of hours of hospital translating experience, she continues to translate on-call for Seattle-area hospitals and for the King County Superior Court, and offers remote medical translation services via the Internet.

Consuelo is an expert in facial expression and "non-verbal support techniques" (body-reading and non-verbal communication), and her extensive background in movement evaluation includes several years of formal training in Laban Movement Analysis.

As a former English and theater major, Consuelo delights in the nuances of language and the clarity of expression possible in both verbal and non-verbal communication. She is very happy to be able to use her skills and talents to translate silence into sound.

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